Microsoft MVP Awarded again!

Microsoft MVP Award

I got awarded with Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic) again today.

This is the third time in succession I’ve been given this award. I would like to convey my heartiest thanks to Microsoft, Tanmay Kapoor (my MVP Lead) , the Visual Basic Team and anyone else who has contributed in getting me this MVP award again. It is recognition of contributions to the Technical Communities worldwide and I’m quite proud of it. Smile

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CheckBox in Header Cell of DataGridView Control

Normally the DataGridView control does not support adding a checkbox in the header cell.

But this doesn’t mean that it is impossible. You can create your own class that inherits from the DataGridViewColumnHeaderCell and use it.

Here’s one class I had created for myself when I needed it. Besides putting the CheckBox in the header cell, it also has a couple of properties and methods to make it behave the way we are used to seeing in normal windows applications. You can modify it as per your needs. … Read the full article »

Na mai haara tha na haara hu na haarunga kabhi – Nice inspirational video

Col. Satsangi – my mentor, guide and guru.


Undo/Redo Capable TextBox (winforms)

This is a continuation of my previous articles:

If you haven’t read the first part, I recommend you read that before continuing further, since we will be using the class we built there to our use in this demo.

In the first part we saw how to construct a class that can support undo/redo capabilities. In this article we will demonstrate its use by using a textbox. The normal windows forms TextBox has only one level of undo/redo capability which is no good for most situations. So let’s see what it would take to add proper undo/redo capabilities to the TextBox control.

The links to full source code and a demo executable can be found at the end of this article. … Read the full article »

Capturing the Deleted Text in TextBox when Backspace or Delete Key is Pressed

If you have ever wanted to get the deleted character/text from a textbox when the Backspace key or the Delete key on the keyboard is pressed, you would know that there is no easy way to do that. You can easily get the typed text (using any of the keyboard events like KeyDown, KeyPress etc.), but not the deleted text.

However it is not impossible to achieve this. All you need is some event/method that executes before the KeyDown event is fired. And fortunately there are many.

For this demo I will show you how to do that using the ProcessKeyMessage , but you can use any of the others as well (e.g. WndProc etc.) … Read the full article »

If x Not In (a,b,c,…) equivalent of T-SQL in VB.NET

I have seen many hits on my blog with similar search terms and also the question being asked in various forums. The answer is really very simple.
Consider the following block in SQL: … Read the full article »

Connecting Windows 7 Workgroup to Windows 2008 Server

We recently upgraded our machines. The old ones were Windows XP running on 32-bit dual core processors. The new ones are with Core-i7 processors and had Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) preinstalled.

In our existing setup, we have one windows 2008 machine and many windows XP machines.  The PCs are connected in a Workgroup, and the server is used mainly as a DHCP server, internet access and for common file sharing. There were no issues till now accessing the Windows 2008 Server from the existing Windows XP machines.

Now, in the new Windows 7 machines we found a peculiar problem. Everything worked as expected, except that we are not able to access the shared folders on windows 2008 server … Read the full article »


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