Watch FTA channels for Free on Dish TV, Tata Sky and all other DTH services

My Dish TV subscription expired, and I couldn’t recharge on time. As a result they deactivated my service. But to my surprise they also stopped all FTA channels. They have disabled my STB completely. On getting deep into the matter, I came to know that all service providers in India like Tata Sky etc. are doing the same. What the ****!!! So now we have to pay for viewing free channels too?? Angry

Moreover, on inquiring from Dish TV, I came to know that I must pay an additional "downgrade" charge if I want to subscribe to a lower value package than the one I currently have. That simply means every-time I don’t have enough money to pay for a high value pack and want a lower one, these people will squeeze my throat even more. And to my surprise there is no mention of this charge on their website or any service manual, and they have confirmed the same. Sarcastic

Here is an excerpt of my email correspondence with them:

My Email:

Hi ****,

This is not the information I was expecting as you have already told on phone the same thing.

Since I was not told about the downgrade charges at the time of purchasing dish tv, I had asked you for website link that has more information about downgrade charges, or the page number in the manual that accompanied the installation that contains the information.

Just as I told on the phone, I had NOT opted for any platinum package myself. You provided it yourself. I would have been happy with the silver package too. So why this charge??

Moreover I don’t see a reason to charge anything extra from the customer when he/she is downgrading. Do you have to do any extra work for downgrading, for which you are charging this amount?

Kindly send me the website link for downgrade information or the subscriber manual reference page, and reply to my other queries.


Pradeep Kumar

Their reply:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for writing to dishtv.

As per our records **** is deactive w.e.f. **** due to non payment of renewal amount as your VC renewal date got expired on ****.

We would like to inform you have not been charged any amount against downgradation as you were active under Platinum pack. Downgradation charges of Rs. 40/- are deducted form the subscriber account if he downgrade from higher pack to lower pack. The information regarding downgradation policy has not yet been updated on our website, we have forwarded this issue to the respective department. 

Incase of any concerns please write to us or call us, we would be glad to be of assistance.

We value your association and assure you of our commitment to serve you with a smile.

Customer service

And since this is happening all in open, I would assume our government is hand in gloves with these scoundrels. They have cleverly degraded the services and number of channels of DD Direct Plus (the government DTH Service), that no one buys their service, so that these people can flourish.

My Simple Solution to This

I had a simple solution for this.

Went to the nearest electronics store and got the cheapest DD Direct Plus STB they had. I didn’t need anything else, since everything from the existing setup works. So total cost incurred was lesser than a month’s Dish TV subscription. I’m happy that I can at-least watch all FTA channels now for free. I’ll keep this box handy when I’m trapped in a similar situation in the future, even if I subscribe back to them now. Smile

I’m not sure if this would work with other DTH services. But since it is working with this one, I would assume it works for others too. If anyone using any other service finds this post useful, please reply with your comments.

Update (March 06, 2010):
Altered a few words, to avoid search engines’ profanity filters. 😉


32 Responses to “Watch FTA channels for Free on Dish TV, Tata Sky and all other DTH services”

  1. ASIM Says:


    Sounds interesting can i know what STB model did you purchase, plz mention the model name and number so that others can also purchase the same and enjoy the FREE FTA

  2. Arpit Goel Says:

    I want to know more about the procedure.. Its clearly written on the dish tv manual that we can watch FTA channels by removing the CARD from dSTB… But how.??..

    • pradeep1210 Says:

      That’s a trick to fool you. To watch the FTA channels without paying them anything you will have to reset the base transponder which is password protected by them… and they won’t give you the password.

      • Zmint Says:

        Do you have any update on the password stuff ? I am looking for Dish TV Zenega D-6000 HD STB.

        Cool Blog

      • pradeep1210 Says:

        No. If I had, I wouldn’t have had the need to buy another STB.
        But I read on some other sites about the cracked passwords. You might want to give it a try (at your own risk). I don’t know what additional security they have other than the password, and I didn’t want to take the risk of damaging my box.
        I felt that keeping two STBs could be more beneficial. When my dishtv subscription is active, I use it with my other TV set or with my PC monitor (via TV tuner card). So I know I didn’t waste that money. 🙂

  3. Gaurav Says:

    can you please confirm that the pagaria stb is still working or not…. thanks in advance

  4. Sagar Says:

    Can you tell me whether i need a dish if i purchase pagaria stb?I already have dish tv so using that same umbrella on roof?I wanna use scheme like u as i wanna watch free channels on pc.

  5. Sagar Says:

    I guess cable is still best.

  6. vicky Says:

    what is the procedure to see the fta on tata sky??

    • pradeep1210 Says:

      I don’t know about any hacks etc. to bypass their security passowords etc., if that’s what you are looking for.
      What I suggested above works with all DTH equipments. Basically the dish and the LNB is same. So you just need a DD Direct Plus STB. You replace your TataSky STB with this one and it will start working.

      • Venky Says:

        Can you tell me if what and how many FTA channels you are watching right now on DDdirect plus stb?

  7. Says:

    DishTV condain 2satlite at a time. In STANDARD DEFINITION.

    One is DDdirect

    DishTV HD Condains 3satlites.
    Above 2satlites with asiasat @ 100.5 E

    But other satlite TV providers can 1 satlite at a time

    DishTV Customers can get FTA channels for free- just change u r dishtv STB to DDdirect or other 6,12feet STB.

  8. murari lal Says:

    sir ji muje apna dishtv free channel dekhna chata hu without payment to vo me kase karu plz tell me

  9. Ravinder Says:

    Yes I Agree with Pardeep,
    Mere Ghar main 2 dish lagee hui hai ek dd direct plus ki aur dusree tata sky kee,
    1. DD Direct plus ekdum se on ho jati hai jaise hi tv on hota hai , or tata sky itna slow start hota hai kee usse tej to mera pc start ho jata hai

    2. DD Direct Plus me Jis channel pe tv off kiya hai wahi channel atta hai on hone ke baad, Tata Sky pe unka apna paise magnay wala channel atta hai, kee ye pack le lo wo pack le lo, phir aapko channel change kar ke apna channel lagna padta hai

    3. DD Direct Plus me agar aapke pass 59 Channel hai toh itne hi aayenge or TATA SKY main 1000 Channel ke slot main sirf 83 channel hi hote hai, Means you have to remember every time the channel number to change it.

    4. In Dd Direct Plus if you press next channel button then their is channel, and in Tata sky agar aap ne next channel change karne ke liye button dabaya or agar aapne channel subscribe nahi kiya hua toh wo aapse paise mangege ki channel subscribe karo

    Abb bataao banda thaka hara kaam karke lottata hai tv on karta hai entertainment ke liya or ye channel dikhane ke bajaye paise magne lagte hai, Bhikari

  10. Baban R. Range Says:

    Sharukh Khan Ko Aapke Company Ke Add se hata dijiye, Kyo ki jis din muzhe dish kharidana tha uss din maine box par sharukh ke pose ko dekhakar dish t v ko inkar kar diya hai. Kyo ki jis aadmi ko india ne naam diya wo india me rahkar pakistan ke gun gata hai. Muze aap dth portability ho sake to uske bareme jankari dene ki krupa kare.

  11. aaliatif99 Says:

    I wish to go for Dish TV because the facilities and the services provided by Dish TV is superb.
    Dishtv recharge in pakistan 

  12. Karim Says:

    Muje lagta hai dishtv pe without vc aur vc deactivate k bad fta channels nahi dekhe ge..HTP 12688/V/27500.SIGNAL LOCK.hota hai software downloadig hota hai jab hum sabhi tp istmal karte hai to..leken HTP 10990 PE DOWNLOADING NAHI hota.

  13. shyam Says:

    Guys do any one tried to use dish tv zenega 6000 hd as FTA ?

  14. sameer sahni Says:

    I want to deactivate active english channel.

  15. Majid Khan Says:

    mail me may be I will help you in your problems

  16. Majid Khan Says:

    my I’d is *****

  17. Abhishek Says:

    Hi…I have two dish HD connections with two stb and dish antennas. I hardly use one connection and VC is now deactivated. Is there a way that I can atleast use this box for watching free to air channels?

  18. BHUPESH Says:

    how can crack dishtv stb and see all pay chaneel free any idea?

  19. Rk bhattacharya Says:

    for other services to use dd direct set-topbox u have to change dish alinement only.

  20. Virender Says:

    Thanks. This is really a clever solution.

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