Talking about: See-through airport scanners can see you ‘nude’



See-through airport scanners can see you ‘nude’ – MSN India
As part of stringent security check to foil any terrorist attack, several airports world over are making new `see-through’ body scan imperative. While it is essential to make air travel safe, enforcing a complete body scan, wherein a security officer can view a person bereft of clothes has drawn criticism from rights activists. While airports and aviation security officials argue that such body scan is essential to prevent Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab-like incidents, not every air traveller is willing to bare their all. Earlier, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian tried to blow up a Detroit-bound plane with explosives allegedly sewn into his underwear. Aviation security officials claim a full body scan will foil such attempts.

And what about the breast and butt explosive implants we saw recently in
the news, which these scanners can’t detect.

All these security measures they make a hue & cry of, can’t stop
determined terrorists performing their activities. They can be stopped
only when the governments and security forces are firm on their duties.
If they really want to stop them, they must take offensive actions
against them rather than these defensive actions – attack them and
eliminate them. After all they already know the source where these
organizations are operating from.

In India, I don’t see the possibility of stopping them even in the
distant future. At least no way till this Congress Govt. is in power. They go against the Supreme Court ruling and not execute death sentences to terrorists; and scrapped the POTA
law forcefully by an ordinance – the law that was specifically meant to
deal with terrorists. All in all it gives a feeling that these
terrorists are not their foes but their friends, or they have some
vested interests in not taking offensive actions against these terrorist organizations. i won’t
be surprised if some sting operation in the near future finds that they
are funded by these terrorists!

In the wake of above, what else can you expect from the governments
other than giving alibies to their failure that they are putting this
security measure and that one, the latest one being these body scanners.
After all they have to tell us what they did for our security, when
they come to us the next time begging for votes.


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