Talking about: Ramdev has gone mad, says Lalu


Ramdev has gone mad, says Lalu – National News
Patna: RJD chief Lalu Prasad has flayed yoga guru Ramdev, who has decided to float a political party, for criticising every politician in the country and said it is nothing but madness.

I won’t comment on the political aspect Lalu is talking about. Everyone knows why he is talking like that.Secret telling

However, on the point that Ramdev’s medicines can’t cure cancer, I’m a live witness of the fact that it can. A friend of mine, a Tennis Coach by profession, was on his death bed caught by blood cancer. Everyone in his family had given up hope as the doctors at all hospitals in Delhi (including AIIMS) had raised their hands in helplessness, telling that he won’t live more than 6 months by any chance. His parents in despair thought – "As our son would die anyways, why not give the alternative medicine systems a try." They took him to Ramdev’s where his medicines started. And to my surprise, he not only survived his death, but was cured to the extent that he resumed his career as a Tennis Coach again. He lived for more than 5 – 6 years after that. Unfortunately he is no more with us, but his family members are still there to testify that what I’m saying is 100% correct.

I’m not claiming that his medicines can cure all cancers or all diseases. And it is even a bigger possibility that this could be a once in a while miracle. What I’m just saying is that, with him hope is never lost! He is bold enough to take up cases, which our highly qualified MBBS doctors working in the best hospitals have given up all hopes, and whose chances of getting cured is next to nothing. He is unlike our doctors, who are concerned more about money than the real purpose for which they got their doctorate for. I haven’t ever got a chance to meet him in person, but from what I know him through television and other media sources, I have never seen him saying – "This can’t be cured!". Be it AIDS or cancer.

Regarding his willingness to jump into politics, I welcome his decision wholeheartedly. At least someone started the movement. Our political system need such people badly. Back in my childhood days, I remember one of my teachers teaching us:

“Good people commit just one sin. They leave places vacant for bad ones.”

And I know he is doing no sin by filling up that place. I can openly declare that if he is one of the candidates I can vote for, my vote will go to him. At least he is better than anyone in our political system today, if not the best. He has a credible background. He has taken our ancient ayurveda and yoga systems to new heights around the world and proved that they were and still are the best systems in the world. He is doing a good service to our nation even when not in politics.

Coming back to the news article in question, this is what I would like to say to Lalu:

Look who’s talking.

  • One who got 15 consecutive years to rule a state, and who took it 15 years backwards instead of moving it forward. Ask any Indian about which is the most backward state in our country and you should receive your answer.
  • One who is the proud father of 9 children, and they advise us to limit ourselves to just one or two. Sarcastic
  • One who ate all the fodder meant for our cattle and is involved in multi-crore fodder scams.
  • One who manipulated the railways figures to show profit instead of the actual loss, just to gain name & fame for himself.
  • …. and the list goes on. Sick

So Lalu ji, people whose own house is made up of glass, should not throw pebbles at others’. Before spilling dirt on anyone else, look at your collar first. If you did even 1% of the service he is doing to the nation, you should feel yourself lucky and people won’t look upon you the way they have been doing till now.


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