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To my Blog Readers

First things first. My apologies for not updating the blog for quite sometime now.

The past few months have been pretty difficult for me. I lost my wife and the only son in a train accident. After months of severe depression, I managed to pull myself back into reality. You can now expect to see some new entries in the blog pretty soon  🙂


Windows 7 supports motherboard change

My old MSI motherboard recently blew out probably due to power surges. So I decided to get one which had some kind of protection to power surge protection built into it. Luckily I got ASUS P5KPK-AM/PS motherboard which has an inbuilt anti-surge protection. I bought this motherboard primarily due to this reason, but I also upgraded my RAM to 4GB (2x2GB each) from my earlier 2GB (2x1GB each); though I knew I’ll be able to effectlively use about 3.5 GB only.

I have a dual boot system between Windows XP and Windows 7. I was pretty sure I’ll have to format my windows because according to my knowledge Windows didn’t support motherboard change. Here too, I was lucky. When I powered on the system and tried to boot into Windows 7, it worked so smoothly. All motherboard resources were detected correctly and I never even felt that I had changed my motherboard. All I was required to do was activate windows again, which I did and now it’s fully functional again. As a precaution, I just installed all the drivers/softwares from the motherboard CD less something might have missed my attention and would malfuncaiton when I need it.

The only thing that had stopped working was the front panel audio ports. I searched the web and finally got some hint from this thread in sevenforums that worked. 🙂

Windows XP however doesn’t work and I’ll have to format and reinstall it. I’ll do that whenever I get some time or I’ll remove it all together and forget that I ever had windows XP 😉

Moved from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress blog

I recently moved from Windows Live Spaces blog to this new WordPress blog using the migration tool Windows Live Spaces provided.

While all my posts have successfully moved to the new blog, I observed that the formatting of some of my posts is now screwed up a bit. Please bear with me until I correct them manually one by one as and when I can spare some time.

Pradeep Kumar

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Watch FTA channels for Free on Dish TV, Tata Sky and all other DTH services

My Dish TV subscription expired, and I couldn’t recharge on time. As a result they deactivated my service. But to my surprise they also stopped all FTA channels. They have disabled my STB completely. On getting deep into the matter, I came to know that all service providers in India like Tata Sky etc. are doing the same. What the ****!!! So now we have to pay for viewing free channels too?? Angry

Moreover, on inquiring from Dish TV, I came to know that I must pay an additional "downgrade" charge if I want to subscribe to a lower value package than the one I currently have. That simply means every-time I don’t have enough money to pay for a high value pack and want a lower one, these people will squeeze my throat even more. And to my surprise there is no mention of this charge on their website or any service manual, and they have confirmed the same. Sarcastic

Here is an excerpt of my email correspondence with them:

My Email:

Hi ****,

This is not the information I was expecting as you have already told on phone the same thing.

Since I was not told about the downgrade charges at the time of purchasing dish tv, I had asked you for website link that has more information about downgrade charges, or the page number in the manual that accompanied the installation that contains the information.

Just as I told on the phone, I had NOT opted for any platinum package myself. You provided it yourself. I would have been happy with the silver package too. So why this charge??

Moreover I don’t see a reason to charge anything extra from the customer when he/she is downgrading. Do you have to do any extra work for downgrading, for which you are charging this amount?

Kindly send me the website link for downgrade information or the subscriber manual reference page, and reply to my other queries.


Pradeep Kumar

Their reply:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for writing to dishtv.

As per our records **** is deactive w.e.f. **** due to non payment of renewal amount as your VC renewal date got expired on ****.

We would like to inform you have not been charged any amount against downgradation as you were active under Platinum pack. Downgradation charges of Rs. 40/- are deducted form the subscriber account if he downgrade from higher pack to lower pack. The information regarding downgradation policy has not yet been updated on our website, we have forwarded this issue to the respective department. 

Incase of any concerns please write to us or call us, we would be glad to be of assistance.

We value your association and assure you of our commitment to serve you with a smile.

Customer service

And since this is happening all in open, I would assume our government is hand in gloves with these scoundrels. They have cleverly degraded the services and number of channels of DD Direct Plus (the government DTH Service), that no one buys their service, so that these people can flourish.

My Simple Solution to This

I had a simple solution for this.

Went to the nearest electronics store and got the cheapest DD Direct Plus STB they had. I didn’t need anything else, since everything from the existing setup works. So total cost incurred was lesser than a month’s Dish TV subscription. I’m happy that I can at-least watch all FTA channels now for free. I’ll keep this box handy when I’m trapped in a similar situation in the future, even if I subscribe back to them now. Smile

I’m not sure if this would work with other DTH services. But since it is working with this one, I would assume it works for others too. If anyone using any other service finds this post useful, please reply with your comments.

Update (March 06, 2010):
Altered a few words, to avoid search engines’ profanity filters. 😉