Simple Text-Only WebBrowser

This is a continuation of my previous article:
Add Undo/Redo or Back/Forward functionality to your application

In the last article we constructed a class that would help us add Undo/Redo or Back/Forward functionality to our application. We read about the capabilities of the class, but a working example was missing.
In this article we will see how to create a text-only web browser for ourselves. These kinds of browsers are useful in various situations. However I won’t go into details about that at present.
The link to source code as well as executable file is given at the end of this article.
So, first we will create the basics of the web-browser, and then later on we will see how to add the Back/Forward capabilities to it. … Read the full article »


Add Undo/Redo or Back/Forward Functionality to your Application

I have often seen people asking on various forums how to implement Undo/Redo functionality or Back/Forward functionality in their applications. Typically an undo/redo in text-editors or back/forward in file/folder explorers or customized webbrowsers are common examples.

So today we will see how to develop a class to implement such functionality. … Read the full article »